hroughout its history, American Haulage has always invested in its infrastructure.

It starts with hiring dedicated, committed staff, providing training and surrounding all with the latest technology. Today, our people, systems and procedures ensure that we can handle expected and unexpected demands of a changing economy. 

American Haulage has always put a high priority on hiring the right people in the industry and creating an atmosphere for them to prosper and grow.  We are one of the leading transportation companies in North America thanks to the dedication, experience, skill and talent of our employees.

American Haulage Inc. is an equal opportunity employer fostering a community of employees working together with one common purpose: to keep our company on the leading edge in sales, service, technology and most importantly, customer satisfaction.

At American Haulage, we're committed to further improving our company.

67 Ward Road
Unit 9
Brampton, ON
L6S 6A4

Tel: 905-499-1975

Fax: 905-595-0355